Stand Alone Power Systems

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King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station
King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station

What is a Hybrid off-grid power system?

A Hybrid off-grid power system is a power supply system that is not connected to the wider electricity grid.  Off-grid power systems are generally located in remote areas where connection to an existing electricity grid is either not practical or too costly because of the significant distance to connect to the electricity grid. The power grid on King Island is a good example of an off-grid system; it is entirely self-contained and allows King Island to be self-reliant for its electricity needs.

Why do we need Hybrid off-grid power systems?

Hybrid off-grid power systems are a way of providing electricity to houses that otherwise would not have access to some of the benefits of electricity, such as lighting, refrigeration and hot water. Hybrid off-grid power systems come in a variety sizes from small systems capable of powering a single home or farm up to larger systems that power entire communities, such as King Island.

Types of Hybrid off-grid power systems

Hybrid off-grid power systems come in a variety of configurations depending on the requirements of the power system. Traditionally Hybrid off-grid power systems  have consisted of one or more diesel generators and depending on the size and configuration batteries for energy storage. Electricity generated from Hybrid off-grid power systems is relatively expensive compared to existing generation due to the high cost of diesel fuel. Recent concerns of global warming and the costs of diesel have lead to the increasing use of renewable sources for electricity generation. If renewable energy is used then the cost of diesel fuel to run the generators can be greatly reduced.

Renewable energy sources commonly include wind, hydro-electric and solar power. Often Hybrid off-grid power systems include a combination of electricity generation sources and/or a large battery bank to ensure they always have electricity even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.