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King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Srtation Live Data Feed requires IE 9 or newer

Fast acting demand side management
Fast acting demand side management
KIREIP iPhone app showing live power station data
KIREIP iPhone app showing live power station data

Smart Grid

The Smart Grid component of KIREIP looks beyond the generation component of power supply.

The Smart Grid is the next phase in the evolution of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution. In the King Island context the Smart Grid can provide matching of the demand to the available supply as much as possible through actively managing demand, either directly via controlling loads or by promoting the use of electricity when renewable energy is abundant.  Infrastructure usually includes a centralised control system, communication technologies to send control signals, and smart devices to shed and restore loads based on customers preferences.

The Smart Grid project involved:

  • Installation of a dedicated Wi-Max network on King Island
  • Installation of site platforms in residential and industrial sites.
  • Development of a control system to provide sub second demand side response suitable for contributing to fast acting reserve to reduce diesel generation.

The immediate benefits from a Smart Grid project on King Island are the ability to further save diesel by:

  • Switching off diesels at a greater frequency;
  • Delaying diesel start up;
  • Delaying second diesel start up;
  • Switching off second diesel at a greater frequency.

In the longer term the infrastructure implemented as part of the Smart Grid project may lead to the use of differential tariffs to promote the use of renewable energy.

Refer to the App page for details of the phone app providing smart grid participants with energy consumption data.