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King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project Overview
King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project Overview


The next big step

The King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREIP) is the next step in the evolution of energy supply on King Island. The island has had a history of developing and integrating new technologies.

The recently completed Project, will see a significant improvement to the existing King Island power station, providing residents with reliable renewable energy whilst reducing generating costs for the State of Tasmania.

We have developed a world leading power system on King Island. KIREIP will result in the use of renewable energy for up to 65% of the islands energy needs, and will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. 

Although the renewable generation sources are mature (wind, solar, bio diesel) the focus and unique part of this system is the integration of enabling and storage technologies that are new and emerging. The way these technologies are being used and integrated is world leading.

What’s the aim of the project?

The aim of the project was to allow the system to rely less on diesel generation and provide a reliable and stable electricity supply. As a result of increased renewable generation there will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and assist in reducing the Community Service Obligation subsidy in the longer term.

The world leading project on King Island has the potential to help other off-grid communities, how renewable sources and enabling technology can provide reliable renewable generation. There may also be benefits for the National Electricity Market (NEM). Currently one of the challenges in the NEM is reliability around intermittent renewable sources. 

How can we deliver a clean energy future?

The project utilises renewable generation and installed new enabling technologies, this innovative approach utilises new and existing technologies to provide times of 100% renewable energy use.

KIREIP includes the use of renewable generation in combination with new energy storage devices and enabling technologies. The system has been designed to allow greater contribution of power from renewable sources. The integration of smart grid technology will also enhance the ability to control customer demand to match the available renewable energy supplies.

The scope for KIREIP, which incorporates renewable energy development to date, includes:

  • Bio Diesel: augmenting the existing diesel engines tanks and associated infrastructure to trial the use of biodiesel in the diesel generators;
  • Diesel Uninterruptible Power Supply (D-UPS): installation of two auxiliary D-UPS diesel engines with flywheel, allowing 100% renewable energy contribution at times of high renewable energy production;
  • Battery Energy Storage System: (BESS)  has been installed to provide support to the network operating on 100% renewable energy; it will also store excess wind energy for later use. 
  • Smart Grid: fast acting Demand Side Management infrastructure and Smart Grid technology, in the way of an interconnected network of centrally controlled smart meters and smart switches has been deployed.