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Thu, 30/01/2014
Daily energy use summary
Daily energy use summary
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Login screen
View energy use
View energy use
Daily energy consumption
Daily energy consumption
Weekly energy consumption
Weekly energy consumption

Smart Grid - Energy Usage Access Instructions

Join us on the KIREIP Smart Grid Portal.

Welcome to the KIREIP Smart Grid Customer Portal. This is a free website that has been developed as part of the Smart Grid trial to assist trial participants to their own energy use. It is being further refined and developed.

As a consequence at times there maybe glitches with the web portal where data is not being displayed and we will work through them as quickly as possible. We will always value customer feedback to keep improving the web portal, so please contact us on the details below.

Please note the cost of energy consumed is indicative only and does not reflect the total cost of electricity which includes daily network and metering connection charges.

We hope it will be a useful tool and aid our customers in understanding their electricity consumption. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call Mike Ross on 1300 360 441.

Energy web portal instructions


This free website has been developed as part of the smart grid trial to assist smart grid participants in understanding their energy use. It may be useful in identifying inefficient hot water systems or times of high usage that may be able to be reduced.

Accessing the energy web portal (Refer to image)

Navigate to

Enter your username and password that will be mailed to you.

Viewing Energy Use (Refer to image)

After logging in select Dashboards where today, weekly or monthly energy usage data is available to be viewed.

Daily Consumption (Refer to image)

A chart showing daily energy consumption is available under the ‘today’ tab, providing a split between metered circuits and providing an indicative cost of the energy consumed.

Weekly Consumption (Refer to image)

The chart weekly energy use displays the energy consumption, in this case the whole of house in red and hot water in blue, in this example just under half the energy consumed was for water heating, reducing the temperature of the thermostat, installing insulation on the piping and water heater and maintaining the cylinder can  help reduce energy usage. 

Interpreting your Energy Use

The chart displays your instantaneous power usage, it will show over the course of a day, week or month the amount of power consumed in each monitored circuit, usually hot water and total consumption.

This allows you to identify loads inefficient loads such as electric hot water systems that need servicing, consuming too much power or background loads that occur when the house is unoccupied, potentially indicating wasted power from phone chargers, TV, stereos and other equipment consuming stand-by power that can be eliminated to save energy and money.