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Wed, 28/11/2012

King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project and the TasWind concept

Hydro Tasmania is investigating the potential of building a large wind farm on King Island. This project, called TasWind, is independent of the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREP).

KIREIP is currently under construction and remains beneficial to the King Island power system and to the community irrespective of the outcome for the proposed TasWind development.

It’s early days for the TasWind concept, and at this stage there has been no assessment of whether it would be possible to integrate TasWind with the King Island power system without compromising reliability of supply on the island.

However, if TasWind can be effectively integrated into the King Island power system much of the enabling technology installed as part of the KIRIEP project would in all likelihood be necessary.

If TasWind were not integrated, KIREIP would continue its role in providing sustainable and reliable power based primarily on renewable energy resources.
KIRIEP is a world-leading innovative project of which King Island can be proud. It is about demonstrating the integration of renewable energy technologies, while improving the reliability of power services to the community and reducing the high cost of diesel generation.

KIREIP will demonstrate that remote power systems can significantly reduce their reliance on diesel fuel and can provide all their power needs sustainably. These vital lessons and this valuable demonstration will be gained irrespective of the future of the TasWind concept.

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