King Island Community

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King Island Community
King Island Community

King Island Community

About King Island

King Island is located in Bass Strait, approximately halfway between mainland Australia and the north-west Tasmanian mainland. King Island has fewer than 2,000 residents. There are two hamlets, that of Currie on the west and Grassy (a former mining settlement) on the east. Although still present, much large-scale farming is being disaggregated into specialty farms which produce small amounts of gourmet items, particularly in the dairy and beef sectors.  Other niche products include rock lobster, abalone, giant crab, native pepper, virgin water, local teas, honey, and kelp products. There is also related growth in the tourism sector whereby the island’s gourmet produce, peaceful environment, natural beauty, and “clean green” image are marketed. Find out more at


KIREIP working with the community

Hydro Tasmania values the importance of the local community being informed and consulted about changes that affect them. Find out how we are engaging with the King Island community >


Smart grid project

The Smart Grid Project is a part of KIRIEP, the aim of this project is to demonstrate how effective a smart grid can be in enabling an increased use of renewable energy. To help make the demonstration a success we need to get a big group King Islanders to participate.

As a reward for participating you will receive a one off payment of $100 and a $50 donation to a community group. Read about all the benefits here >

Contact us

At any time if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us >