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Huxley Hill Wind Farm

Huxley Hill Wind Farm

In 1998 Hydro Tasmania commissioned three Nordex N29 WTGs at Huxley Hill near the Currie power station to establish Australia’s second commercial wind farm. The three turbines were rated at 250 kW each, providing a total renewable energy capacity of 750 kW. The Huxley Hill wind farm provided a substantial reduction in annual diesel fuel use, and significantly reduced the cost of supplying electricity to the island.

Operation of the Nordex machines has resulted in a significant reduction in the level of diesel fuel use, and associated savings in operational expenditure. Penetration of renewable energy into the system reached an annual average of 13% in the years following commission. This resulted in a 16% reduction in annual diesel fuel use or approximately 590 kilolitre reduction in diesel use per annum.

The Huxley Hill wind farm was Hydro Tasmania’s first experience in the process of gaining development approval, construction, commissioning and operation of a wind farm, which has paved the way for subsequent wind developments.