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Currie Power Station

Currie Power Station

The original Currie Power Station was constructed to accommodate 4 x 1200 kW diesel generator sets with provisions for adding a fifth machine if needed in the future. The initial installation comprised 2 x 1200 kW sets and 1 x 800 kW set giving a firm capacity of 2000 kW.

Station capacity has since been increased by adding a fourth set (1200 kW) and has been further upgraded with replacement of three 1200 kW sets to 1600 kW machines, giving the station an installed capacity of 6000 kW: a firm capacity of 4400 kW.

The generating sets are arranged for automatic operation and can operate for periods of time without supervision. Essential maintenance and daytime supervised operation of the station is carried out under contract by skilled operators from Aurora Energy.

Output from all the diesels are fed into the distribution system via 11 kV metal-enclosed switchgear (one machine requires a step-up transformer) and power cables to the overhead feeder lines.