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Real time King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station overview as seen in the app.
Real time King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station overview as seen in the app.

About the KIREIP App

Join us on the KIREIP App.

Welcome to the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREIP)  App. This is a free app that has been developed as part of the KIREIP Smart Grid trial to encourage the community learn about this world leading project and assist customers interpret their own energy use.

The app shows in real-time the sources of energy powering King Island, one of the world’s leading island power systems.  See how wind and solar, combined with advanced control, flywheels, energy storage, and dynamic load control can contribute all of the power needs of an island community and reduce the reliance on diesel fuel.  Also presented is a gallery of information about the project, the latest news and up to the minute figures on the benefits of the project.

For King Island customers participating in the smart grid trial please note the cost of energy consumed is indicative only and does not reflect the total cost of electricity which includes daily network and metering connection charges.

We hope it will be a useful tool and aid our customers in understanding their electricity consumption. The App is being further refined and developed throughout the project, and customer feedback is very welcome.  If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

App operating instructions

Whilst this free app has been developed as part of the smart grid trial to assist smart grid participants in understanding their energy use, it can be used by anyone with an interest in renewable energy and smart grid technologies.

For participants in the KIREIP smart grid trial you will be able to monitor your home energy usage remotely. Participants are able to login using previously provided log-in details to view their energy use data over various timescales.

Key features include;

  • Monitor your power usage from smart grid connected circuits in your home.
  • View your near  real-time and historical power usage consumption data.
  • Obtain an estimate of your  energy costs.
  • View the current status of the world’s only MW class off-grid power system capable of operating on 100% renewable energy.   
  • View images from the project and catch up on recent news regarding the King Island power system.
  • Receive notification of:
  • Surplus renewable energy – a great time to do washing or charge that electric vehicle
  • 100 % renewable operation – see how KIREIP is keeping the lights on in the absence of thermal generation
  • News items for the King Island power system.

Accessing the app

The phone App is available on the Apple App Store and can be found by searching for “KIREIP”.

To log in please enter your username and password that has been previously supplied to smart grid trial participants, alternatively, the option to continue as a guest.  Guests will have access to all the App features but will view consumption data at one of our KIREIP demonstration houses on the island, rather than your own residence.  This means you can be anywhere on the planet to participate in KIREIP!   . Please contact us if you require your log-in details again.

Viewing the King Island Advanced Power Station Real Time Dashboard

Select KIREIP Dashboard from the menu to view in real-time the renewable energy contribution to the world leading King Island Advanced Hybrid Power System. 

The dashboard demonstrates how the contribution of wind and solar, combined with advanced control, flywheels, energy storage, and dynamic load control can contribute all of the power needs of an island community and reduce the reliance on diesel fuel.

The 100 % renewable energy, wind spill and EV charge buttons in the top of the screen illuminate green when there is a surplus of renewable generation and is an excellent time to consume discretionary power to ensure it comes from the cleanest source possible.

Viewing Energy Use

Select My Usage from the menu. This provides daily, weekly and yearly energy consumption and estimate of the energy cost is provided for the monitored circuits at your house (or at our demonstration house for “Guest” users).  Please note the energy costs are indicative only and do not include network, metering and connection charges.

A comparison to other houses on King Island allows you to see if you use more or less than others and can help you identify times of high energy use. Scrolling down provides a chart of use throughout the period along with a comparison of hot water versus the total load at your house, where these are metered.   

Scrolling right will provide detail for more circuits at your house where these are available this can include metering on your total usage, hot water system, EV charger and solar panels.

The chart below displays the energy consumption, in this case the whole of house in red and hot water in blue, in this example 28% of the energy consumed was for water heating, reducing the temperature of the thermostat, installing insulation on the piping and water heater and maintaining the cylinder can help reduce energy usage. 

Interpreting your Energy Use

The chart displays your power usage, it will show over the course of a day, week or month the amount of power consumed in each monitored circuit, usually hot water and total consumption.

This might assist you to identify  inefficient loads such as electric hot water systems that need servicing and are  consuming too much power.  You will be able to see the impact of  background loads that occur when the house is unoccupied, potentially indicating wasted power from phone chargers, TV, stereos and other equipment consuming stand-by power that can be eliminated to save energy and money.

Additional Menu items

The Savings menu provides an overview of the amount of diesel use avoided at the power station through the use of renewable energy technologies and the smart grid, and shows the cost of this avoided fuel and the associated avoided carbon dioxide equivalent savings. The King Island power system is one of the most advanced in the world for a mega-watt class system and will continue to save money, reduce diesel and be environmentally sustainable over its 20 year project life.  For those not familiar with greenhouse emissions  figures we have represented this in terms of the total number of cars permanently removed from our roads to give you an idea of the quantity of savings.

The Settings menu item allows you to specify which messages about the project you would like to receive

The About KIREIP menu allows you to read more about this world leading project

The News items provides regular updates on the power station, website and app to reduce power consumption and technology updates.


The Gallery menu allows you to view each of the project elements in more detail and to view photos of the project under construction.